Testimonials by XLash customers


I have been using Xlash for three weeks and I can safely say, this eyelash serum has made my short thin eyelashes fuller and longer…! I have always had thin short eyelashes and never thought they could or would become longer or thicker; but this product has made a believer out of me. I use it only at night right before I go to bed. There’s no irritation and within three weeks there has been a marked improvement in the length and fullest of my lashes…



Love it!!! I’ve only been using it once daily for about 20 days now and can already see a huge difference. My lashes have never been very long and always been on the thin side. Since using Xlash, they are growing longer and fuller. I will definitely keep this as a part of my daily routine.


Diane Coan

I have used Xlash for years and was very pleased with the results, My lashes are soft, thick and long. There is quite a bit in the tube so I feel it will last much longer . I love it.


Hilda Lane

My wife found it to work excellent with little to no irritation on her eyelid. What amazed her the most was that after the initial six week daily application her eyelashes were amazing long. People would stop in mid conversation and comment on the length of her eyelashes. Thank Xlash.



I love this Xlash. This product is so easy to use. I just put a small amount along my upper lash line and a bit on the sparse areas on my eyebrows. It took about 10 days of use for me to notice a difference.


Maria truong

Well, I’ve been using it for six months now. At first if you’re looking, it doesn’t stand out, but then you start seeing the results. My eyelashes are longer, even the bottom lashes are longer and in density too. I really got it for my eyebrows and are denser now. After I saw results, I use it only once a day. It’s not an overnight or a month process, but slow and steady. The tube lasted a long time and only yesterday ordered my second!


Shelly Cooper

I am rarely pleased with these type of wishful products, however this stuff really DOES WORK!!! I’m still in shock!! I’ve been using for about a month and I see a huge difference, I will definitely keep using.



I have been using this for about a month and have seen a tremendous amount of growth on my brows, as a matter of fact I started seeing results in as little as a week. I am diligent about putting on every evening. I can truly say that it does promote growth.